Dobbin Project Space

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A storefront work and event space for community-focused creative individuals and projects in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

June 7 + 8

Hope to see you on Friday at Dobbin Project Space for THE RINK installation and after party!!!!

video installation + photographs
Music by Brian Time

Friday June 7th, 9pm-11pm
at Dobbin Project Space
50 Dobbin Street, Storefront
Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Celebrating the New York premiere of 
THE RINK documentary at the Brooklyn Film Festival
6:30pm, Friday June 7th at indieScreen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

THE RINK video installation will also be on view Saturday June 8th, 8pm-11pm at Dobbin Project Space.

THE RINK documentary will also screen Sunday June 9th, 4pm at Windmill Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

June 3

Public Speaking Workshop 

If you want to communicate more confidently and convincingly, perhaps to make a presentation at work or to tell a great story in an effective way, then take this class! I promise that you will leave this workshop a better public speaker and you will learn a lot about yourself and maybe make some new friends. It was really a lot of fun, too!


Date: Monday, June 6th 2013
Time: 7-10pm
Dobbin Project Space (50-52 Dobbin St, Greenpoint, BK, 11222)

*Reserve Ticket (Space is limited.)

Course Description:
Need to feel confident speaking in front of group of strangers? Come across as more genuine and less robotic? Want to finally overcome your fear of public speaking?!?

In this 3-hour workshop, participants will get expert coaching and feedback on ways to strengthen their presentation skills, from techniques to calm frayed nerves to exercises designed to build confidence and improve focus. The class is limited to 16 people, so participants are guaranteed lots of time to practice and plenty of instructor feedback. Everyone will leave this workshop with experience speaking in front of a group and valuable insight into how to be a powerful communicator.

Preparation: If you have something short (1-2 mins) that you’d like to work on, bring it in! Otherwise we can generate some content in class.

Teacher Bio:

Andrew Linderman has a B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley.  Andrew currently teaches storytelling with the Brooklyn Brainery and The Moth, and is the executive producer of Local Stories, a monthly storytelling series featuring writers, comedians and performers from all over New York City. Prior to his work as a storyteller, Andrew trained as an actor and improvisor at the Upright Citizens Brigadeand the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City.  Andrew has also worked as a city planner, a radio DJ and an economist and has lots of stories to tell.

*Tickets are non-refundible

June 1, 2

Punk Your Way

Hack using Punk’s Code and get paid for it. Brooklyn Torch Trade Store will host Hacking Couture’s pop-up atelier. Come in and hack your fashion while collectively indexing and using Punk’s Code and getting paid in Brooklyn Torches. 

How It Works:
1) Bring anything that represents punk culture, e.g. magazine/newspaper clips of punk style, old rugged clothes, Ramones memorabilia, British flags, records, dog collars, safety pins, etc. that will contribute to the code and the hacks.

2) We will compensate each contribution in Brooklyn Torches, North Brooklyn’s local currency. 

3) The materials you sell to Hacking Couture will be used during the fashion hacking workshop from 2:00 to 4:00 PM.

No previous fashion/making skill required. 

You Will: 
1) Have more spending cash for North Brooklyn goods and services.
2) Develop fashion hacking skills 
3) Meet others who are not afraid to reclaim their own fashion and economy

Workshop Cost: 5 BKT, so bring punk materials to trade for Torches. ($1 roughly = 1 BKT)

May 19

Yoga for Artists 

with Emily Haydock, writer and yoga teacher

When: Sunday, May 19th, 3 p.m.

Where: Dobbin Project Space, 50-52 Dobbin Street, Studio 1A, Greenpoint/Williamsburg

Cost: $10 (bring your own mat)

Whether you’re a professional artist seeking inspiration and support or simply looking to invite more creativity into your life and the way you live it, yoga can help you! This 90-minute workshop will explore yoga poses and meditation to open the channels that allow the creative force to flow through us. Using visualization, sound, breath, and movement, we will work with the chakras as metaphors for various aspects of our being as we focus on grounding ourselves and dissolving fears and other blocks. This class is for anyone who wants to nourish their inner artist in mind, body, and spirit. No specific creative or yoga background/experience is necessary, but you do need a mat!

May 19

DPS Writer’s Group 

May 4

The fourth 2013 Brooklyn Torch Trade Store: ON THE SIDEWALK!

How it works:

• You: bring an item to sell at our appraisal table.

• We: appraise it and buy the item from you in Brooklyn Torches.

• You: buy any items from our store (including goods that other people have previously sold).

• We: Sell them to you in Brooklyn Torches, keeping a record of all transactions.

• *optional: You&You: Sell and buy from each other with Brooklyn Torches with our help.

You can also just come by and watch if you like, it’s helpful to see it in action first.

Where: 50-52 Dobbin Street (street entrance), Brooklyn, NY 11222

When: 2pm-6pm

April 18-May 16

Lester Goldman: High Wire 

A selection of abstract paintings created during the late 90s and early 2000s will be on display at The Dobbin Project Space from April 18th through May 16th, 2013

The opening reception is April 18th from 6pm to 9pm.

Lester Goldman was a prominent painter and sculptor in Kansas City for over 4 decades. He abandoned figurative portraiture in the 80s for more playful abstract experimentation: electric colors, sweeping lines, personal and political symbols, and a variety of media from sculpture to performance. He was interested in the complexities and paradoxes of the human condition, depicting human body parts as organic machines; delving into palindromes and wordplay; and using form and color to communicate profound emotions.

Lester was also a professor of painting at the Kansas City Art Institute from 1966 to his death in 2005. During that time, he had a profound impact on his students, many of whom went on to have successful careers as artists. Peregrine Honig, Eric Sall, Rachel Hayes and Amy Meyers are some of his more well-known students.

“My whole life depends on my work… I have to dig deeper. It is demanded of me, by me and by others. Paintings are read by painters the way people read people through their children. It’s not what you wish to have one see, but what is.“

Lester Goldman, 1942 – 2005

April 12-14


new works inspired by the plant kingdom by Laurie Sumiye

APRIL 12 - 14, 2013

Dobbin Project Space

50-52 Dobbin St. Brooklyn, NY

Opening reception: Friday, April 12, 6-8:30 PM

“Naked Plants” Live Drawing Event: Saturday, April 13, 2:30pm-5:00pm

co-hosted by LINER NOTES (suggested donation $12)

We provide plant-themed tunes, beer and “the models” (plants). Bring your drawing tools and creativity!

Weekend hours: Saturday, April 12 - Sunday April 13, 10-6pm


“It was cold and the hotels were not very well heated, so I bought a flower in the flower market and brought it into the hotel room to think about spring.”

– Ellsworth Kelly

After Ellsworth Kelly’s Plant Drawings, Laurie Sumiye re-imagines the practice of rendering plants from life. She draws natural forms from live plants as well as secondary representations of plants; images from books, digital online archives, decorative arts, potted fake houseplants. None are created in-situ (in the natural, original location), or en plein-air (in the open air). As artists have historically depicted plant life while sitting outdoors in wild habitats or cultivated gardens, contemporary life in Brooklyn, where the artist works and lives, provides a unique challenge to find “nature” in its purest states.

She considers the human actions of bringing elements of nature indoors, particularly in the springtime when young plants represent re-growth and new beginnings. A very human desire to create green spaces to fit an idealized vision of nature is ever-present, and the artist considers the ease of which people are able to “quench” their thirst for green. Houseplants, several of which originated from faraway, exotic locales are ubiquitous environmental objects in urban homes and windowsills and only became possible due to the invention of Wardian cases, the forbearer of terrariums and portable greenhouses. The artist also draws upon her upbringing in Hawaii, by rendering rare and unusual native Hawaiian flora as subjects of exoticism and an alternate version of real island “paradise.”

In her installation, Island, Sumiye uses endemic New York grass plants from a local native plant nursery to recreate a patch of wild, uncultivated land — a forgotten bucolic landscape of Williamsburg-Greenpoint. The live grass plants (Scirpus cyperinus, Leersia oryzoides, Carex comosa) represent a homecoming and estrangement; native seedlings are reintroduced to a location where they once grew, but inside a building surrounded by urban industry. Island explores the tension of controlled environments, as well as reflect a specific history and perspective of place.

The Seed is an animated film in which a seed blown from a foreign land arrives unannounced and slowly sprouts into a flower. The text is adapted from the children’s book, “The Little Prince,” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Sumiye’s delicate, hand-drawn animations exist in an imagined landscape and romanticized home as the seed grows into becoming.

Sumiye contemplates through her reductive contour drawings and prints the complex theme of “nature as inspiration” as being highly specific to individual plants, species and provenance. “A pretty picture of a tree is not just a tree. It is a distinct species of tree, in a specific landscape, with unique growing conditions, randomly affected by humans, insects, birds and mammals,” Sumiye states. Expanding upon the traditional practice of botanical illustration, she discards the scientifically precise in favor of capturing the vivacity, aura and mystery of plant life.

April 6

Brooklyn Torch Trade Store

About the event:

We will be holding our third 2013 Brooklyn Torch Trade Store at Dobbin Project Space, a new workspace and project venue for social engagement arts experimentation in Greenpoint.

How it works:
• You: bring an item to sell at our appraisal table.
• We: appraise it and buy the item from you in Brooklyn Torches.
• You: buy any items from our store (including goods that other people have previously sold).
• We: Sell them to you in Brooklyn Torches, keeping a record of all transactions.
• *optional: You&You: Sell and buy from each other with Brooklyn Torches with our help.

You can also just come by and watch if you like, it’s helpful to see it in action first.

Where: 50-52 Dobbin Street (street entrance), Brooklyn, NY 11222
When: 2pm-6pm

Help Pass The Torch!
If you have some extra time on Saturday to learn to instruct neighbors on how to start using Brooklyn Torches, come help out! We will be training any and everyone on how to manage aspects of the project for short periods of time. Come on and help out. (Volunteers will be paid in Brooklyn Torches!)

Have You Been Carrying A Torch For Us?
Bring your vouchers back! We will be honoring the temporary vouchers from previous events this Saturday. You can come swap them for our newly minted bills. This way, you early adopters can have the final Brooklyn Torch bills for your local exchanges.

March 30

It’s Time We Talked 

Please join us for a screening Saturday, March 30th at 5pm of Olaf Bertram-Nothnagel’s “It’s Time We Talked,” a documentary about direct democracy in NYC. The filmmaker will be in attendance.